Monday, October 28, 2013

Never Discount A Story Idea

See this funny little kid? That's my son Jason at the ripe old age of 9. It's all because of him that The Light of Ishram came about. His fourth grade teacher gave his class an assignment to write a short story with the help of a parent (me). You guessed it. That was just the beginning of a long journey. Twenty-two years later the first book in the series is complete, and we are celebrating Jason's 31st birthday this Wednesday.

I am currently working on a sequel, The Tower of Babel. Grig Dothrie,  Theron Raurk and company are back to battle the evil Cathari Bishop, Bodark.

So...never overlook an idea that might lead to a story-line. Even if nothing comes to mind immediately, file it away for later. If it's right, it'll always be there.

Here's a link in case anyone would like to pre-order The Light of Ishram.   It will have a "Buy Now" button which will take people to the shopping cart/PayPal. Retail is 14.97.


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