Friday, November 16, 2012

The Light of Ishram

Although the shock is starting to wear off, the excitement will never go away. After many years of writing, editing, editing,editing, more editing, and the final edit, I've sold a book. That sounds so good to say. Somebody pinch me. My goal was to find a publisher, not self-publish, and I did it. Coming soon to a bookstore near you. about a year.

The Light of Ishram
This is not my story. I, Bovinias Snawg, am but the Keeper of Records for the Druid Council and ‘tis my duty to record history as it's retold to me. The Thousand Years War has blasted the known worlds of man, elves, trolls and other magical beings asunder. Written and oral history is all but obliterated. Mankind muddles through a second Dark Age. As God is my witness I do my worthless best to avoid another such tragedy.
Healing of the races has begun, but the future of the reunited worlds hang in the balance. This is the recounting of the epic tale to recover the mysterious Light of Ishram before it’s destroyed and plunges eternity into chaos. Here, I set history to paper as faithfully as one man is able.


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