Friday, January 09, 2009

The Week In Review

Okay, this is Texas. A couple of mornings ago, we had ice on the roads and temperatures in the mid to high 20’s. Today, we’re back up to 70 and who the hell knows what tomorrow will bring. Rain, sleet or snow?

Wednesday evening I went out to my car after choir practice, got in and started to drive away. The little tire pressure light came on before I got out of the church parking lot. It was already after 9:00, but I managed to snag our all time favorite handyman and friend, Douglas, to check the tires.

The right front was low, so Doug put his handy-dandy portable compressor on it to bring it up to the correct pressure. When he removed the tube, you could here a steady pssssssssss from the tire. Obviously not what I wanted to hear. We rolled the car forward until Doug found the culprit; a very large screw. Thirty minutes later I rolled home on the spare.

The rest of the week has been quiet. The stupid cow has been out of the office for two days, so even that aggravation is gone. Although, we were told that the estimators will be moving to new offices (cubicles) next Wednesday. I went to check out my new location only to discover that the previous occupant had left a gazillion files and drawings behind. He’s no longer with the company.

I waited several days to see if anyone was going to claim the piles of crap and when no one did, I volunteered to get rid of it if they would give me a very large dumpster. That was yesterday. Today, my new cell is empty and maintenance is supposed to come clean the carpet and wipe down all surfaces. I guess my idea of dumping everything got someone’s attention.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Winter Wonderland

The temperature here today has hovered between 32 and 33 degrees. I know that's nothing compared to you guys up north, but add to this a heavy, misting rain. Ice is already forming on some surfaces, but you can bet by tomorrow morning, it'll be many surfaces. And where there's ice on the roads, there's chaos.

Again, some of you are accustomed to driving on ice and think nothing of it. In north Texas, it's definitely not an everyday occurrence. Us Texans are warm weather fowl. We also have a lot of transplants from colder climates who are famous for saying, "I trust my driving, it's the other guy I worry about."

I can about guarantee that our roads will not be deiced by the time I leave home at 6:30 AM and a whole lot of slippin and sliding will be going on.