Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Sad Valentine's day

I received a phone call this morning from my friend at the office with bad news. One of our co-workers, Terrance, had been found murdered in his home. I think we've all lost someone in our lives at one point or another, but the senseless taking of a vibrant life is so hard to understand.

What makes it even harder to digest is that a family member, with possible involvement with drugs, is suspected. What could be so important that one would be forced to turn on a fellow human being? And what good comes of it? Terrance is gone and the attacker will bear the brunt of his actions for the rest of his life.

I only knew Terrance a couple of years, but he was a winner. He gave respect and received it in return. He was a team player and let you know that he valued you as a person and co-worker. He was a rightous man in the Biblical sense and I'm sure he died fighting for what he believed.

I pray that God will watch over his family in this devasting loss.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

No Way!

Whether you call it Hillbilly Hand Fishing, Okie Noodling or Mud Catting, the answer is, "Oh, hell no!" Why on God's green Earth would anyone want to stick their hand into a muddy, dark hole under the water where anything might be lurking. Then there's the issue of knowingly and willingly jamming your hand into the mouth of a giant catfish.

No, catfish don't have teeth, but they do have sharp spines that hurt when you get stuck. Besides, how would you like it if some jerk came along, invaded your home and stuck his fist in your mouth?

Okay, so I'm a wimp. I admit it, but I just don't get the attraction. Where there's water, you know there's going to be snakes and other creepy-crawlies. You know, like snakes, crayfish, bugs and reptiles.

Now there seems to be a plethora of shows on television about this, "sport" with a bunch of voluptuous young women trying their luck with hairy, toothless men as instructors.

Well...maybe that answers the question for the men, but the women??? I rest my case.