Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I almost lost my temper today with that stupid cow they saddled us with. This woman has terminal diarrhea of the mouth and constipatation of the brain. She needs to buy herself a sandwich board with a blinking sign that says, "Look at me", "Look at me", "Look at me".

If I knew as much as she thinks she does in such a short time, I'd be CEO of the world. Why stop at president of the United States?

You have to know it takes a really big burr under my saddle to make me mad, but the cow did it today. I wanted so bad to tell her to shut up and listen. I had to bite my tongue more than once . Unfortunately she's too stupid to figure out that nobody wants to hear her opinion on a subject she knows nothing about.

Well, enough of that. Do you think if I keeled over dead at my desk, management would have the courtesy to kick my body out of the way before they brought in a replacement? Maybe they'd just use me as a floor mat. Who knows?


Thursday, July 20, 2006


I got home yesterday about 6:00 PM only to find out that our power had gone off some time after Jimbob left to take his Mother back to his brother's and then to go teach. First thing I noticed when I walked in was that the ceiling fan in the family room wasn't on. And it was a whopping 103 outside. At lease the house had only gotten to 80+.

Then I checked the fridge and it was off. After checking all the lights in the house and getting nothing, I checked all the circuit breakers. I could hear our neighbor's air conditioner running, but we had zip, nada, zilch.

Next step was to call TXU, and they said they'd get someone out as soon as possible. Anyway, they showed up after seven and didn't get us back on line until 9:30. It's amazing how dependent we are on electricity.

I can't remember extreme temperatures bothering me so much when I was a kid, but they sure do now. Maybe that's because I've gotten old and fat.

By the way, Happy Birthday to me (last Monday).

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Chicken ot the Egg?

As I may have mentioned once or twice…or more, hot flashes have been the bane of my life ever since I hit the big 50. I have many sleepless nights throwing the covers off because I’m drenched in sweat, only to turn around and pull them back up because I’m shivering.

I was sitting here the other day and the thought of a hot flash popped into my mind and sure enough, there I was glowing like a radioactive lighthouse on steroids. So then I got to wondering, did I have a hot flash because I thought about it? Or, did the thought pop up because my subconscious was about to torture the living crap out of me?

It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg. Which came first? Well I heard on the Science Channel the other day that it was definitely the chicken. So if these scientist can figure out such a profound dilemma that has troubled mankind from the dawning of history, why can’t they figure out something so simple (and uncomfortable) as a hot flash?

Maybe it’s because traditionally scientists have been men and they simply don’t give a shit. Why should they? They’re not the ones who have to go through that kind of torture. Their faces don’t suddenly turn bright red and breakout with droplets of sweat for no reason. They don’t feel like they’re going to turn into an all consuming conflagration of human flesh in the next breath.

Now, I ask you, is that fair? If men had to suffer so ignobly you could bet your sweet bippy that they’d put as much research into it as has gone into ED. If you don’t know what ED is, just watch for a Viagra or Cialis commercial on television and see what miracles have been discovered for a man to retain his tumescence in the face of danger.

I want equal rights. As the hackneyed old saying goes, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It’s Wednesday morning and I guess Jimbob is going to sleep all day. It seems like when we go anywhere, he takes at least one whole day to just sleep. The altitude here doesn’t help either. If you’re not used to it, the 20% less oxygen really gets to you.

We had a great evening yesterday. After choir practice, there was another concert. This time it was the Annie Moses Band. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a violin, viola and a cello in a band. But as it turns out these kids were terrific.

I wasn’t too sure when I heard the first song, but from there on, it was all uphill. The band was made up of two sisters, two brothers and their father. In addition they had a drummer and bass player. The four siblings studied at Julliard, so you know they were real musicians.

There’s supposed to be wireless internet here in the dorm, but either I don’t know how to use it, my laptop doesn’t know how to usse it or, it just isn’t working. More than likely, it’s operator error.

I was hoping to get on line to get rid of the junk mail at work. I always hate going back to work after a week off to see anywhere from 500 to 700 messages. True some of them are junk, but most are from someone wanting something. And nobody will bother to check my in box on my desk for urgent matters either.

It’s revenge for going away.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yes, I did find a computer with access to the internet. Supposedly wireless internet has been installed in each dorm, but I haven't got to check it out yet.

Yesterday we drove up to Taos to visit with one of Jimbob's relatives and then returned in time for him to take a loooong nap before dinner. The older he gets, the more naps he takes. Anyway, there was a loooong Christian rock concert after dinner which we went to. It was way too looooong and the sanctuary was freezing the whole time.

I know some people say the cold invigorates them, but I just shut down when I start shivering. Let's hohpe tonight's event is a little warmer.

I don't plan to do a whole lot today myself, but Jimbob has several classes scheduled. I went to the library before we left home and checked out 7 books to keep me busy. Along with knitting and slumming, that's going to be my entire week.

On the Road Again

I'm posting this posthumously. I actually found a computer with access to the internet. It's Tuesday morning and Jimbob is in class. I'm slumming.

Well it's Sunday morning about 8:00 AM and I'm sitting here waiting for Jimbob to wake up. We got in to Amarillo about 12:30 and by the time we got into our room it was 1:00. Of course we didn't get on the road until nearly 8:00 PM last night.

Jimbob had asked a friend to make reservations for us at a hotel where he gets corporate rates, and of course you know he forgot. We lucked out because some woman had made reservations and her credit card didn't go through, so we got her room; the very last one. We got everything out of the car we needed and Jimbob went to park. As he came back through the lobby, the newlyweds whose card was declined were trying to check in.

I'm not used to traveling with someone who has absolutely no regard for time. I haven't traveled for work in many years, but as anyone who does, knows time is precious. When we were kids and did a lot of traveling with my Dad, we were in the car and on the road before the crack of dawn, drove like hell all day, made camp after dark, and did it all again the next day.

Come to think of it, I'm not sure what the point of all that driving was. It sure wasn't to get someplace and enjoy it. We made pit stops when he was ready or needed gas. Meals were prepared on the bumper of the pickup. He even made a special hook to secure the Coleman stove to the bumper so Mom could cook and we wouldn't have to stop at a cafe to eat and waste time.

Heaven forbid that one of us might take too long in the lady's room. He'd pound on the door and yell for us to hurry up. But that brings to mind the time my ex-hubby and I were driving from Reno, NV to visit my grandmother in Dallas.

We we were between somwhere and nowhere in Arizona and stopped to get gas. It was one of those days when the temperature hit 110 in the shade. The restroom was dirty, hot and no air conditioning. I was sweating buckets just for the privilege to go pee.

My business done, I washed my hands and sluiced warm water over my face and then tried to leave. The doorknob didn't work from the inside. I banged on the door, called out trying to get someone's attention, all to no avail. After about twenty minutes, I heard several Hispanic women approach.

I yelled for them to open the door and let me out but I must have frightened them because they went away. A short time later here they were again and I finally made them understand that the door wouldn't open from the inside. One of them twisted the knob from outside and then ran.

If I'd had a cell phone, I could have called DH (Dickhead) to come let me out, but they hadn't been invented yet. I found him inside the cooled gas station yakking with the pimple faced kid behind the counter. I was pissed to say the least. I asked him how long he planned to wait before he came looking for me. He hadn't even missed me.

Ah, the pleasures of traveling by car.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lessons Growing Up

This is pretty self explanatory. Some of the lessons (and misconceptions) I learned growing up. I refuse to designate the culprit (culprits) who espoused these pearls of wisdom.

  1. Fold your toilet paper, don’t wad it.

  2. Horses only lay down when they are dieing.

  3. You get polio from being too clean.

  4. If you’re fat you are automatically stupid.

  5. Only whores wear makeup.

  6. If you take a clod shower, you will never catch a cold.

  7. Girls are too stupid to be anything but teachers.

  8. Men have erections after they have sex.

  9. After you have babies, you will get fat.

  10. Only the state of Texas had a depression.

  11. Teachers are always right.

  12. Females are to be seen and not heard.

  13. The husband always knows what’s best for his wife.

Okay, so I’ve probably bored you to death with this cornucopia of useless trivia. I challenge anyone out there who would like to play to come up with their own list.

SInce we are leaving for New Mexico this evening, I probably won't be able to post until I get back. That is unless this place we are going to has finally come into the the 21st century and got internet.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

English Anyone?

I was thinking on the way to work this morning (which could be dangerous) and remembered that I had read numerous times that English is a very difficult language to learn. I received an e-mail yesterday saying that as long as the first and last letter in a word are correct, most people can still understand what it is.

But when you stop and think about how many words sound alike but are spelled different and mean different things, it's confusing to say the least. Right off the top of my head the first thing I thought about was to, too and two. Then I progressed to four, for and fore. We can't omit ate and eight. Then there is gate and gait. And let us not forget weight and wait. And while we're at it, there's waste and wait.

Could we stop our cars with breaks instead of brakes? Only if we run around bear naked instead of bare naked. Here's another good one, they're, there and their. I'm sure there are lots more, but I don't have much time.

There are two words that don't mean the same thing but I've heard so-called educated people interchange them. "This is are bed" is no more correct than saying "Where our you going?" One of my all time favorite words comes from music. Smorzando! Now doesn't that sound like something delicious to eat?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Catch Up

I really haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. I actually thought about sitting down at the computer once or twice over the weekend, but the thought just wasn’t appealing. Not because I didn’t want to do a post, but because after so may 12 hour days I want to puke every time I look at the computer.

Other than work, things have been really quiet at home. We did go to see fireworks Monday evening. Of course it’s been forever since we’ve had any rain and of course it started raining about ten minutes before the fireworks started.

Thirty years ago yesterday, I had my back broken in a car wreck so I was content to spend the day at home being a couch potato. I’m not superstitious, but I don’t need another bang up fourth like that.

Saturday we leave for Glorietta, NM. They have music week every year at the Baptist camp there. I’m lucky enough to tag along and have a relaxing week of reading, writing and knitting. I can also go to any of the seminars if I want.

If you remember a while back I said I was a klutz? Well, here’s just another incident to prove my point. At least this one was harmless to life and limb. I was getting all my stuff together to leave for work. Of course my hands were full and I was fumbling to get my keys out of my purse and I hit the panic button. So the car is setting out front at 6:00AM honking loudly.

The only way to stop the racket is to push the panic button again. Only problem was I now had two cars setting in the driveway honking even louder at 6:00AM. I had mistakenly thought that I had set the alarm off on my car, but it was Jimbob’s instead. I bet my neighbors really loved me.

What can I say? I lead a very dull life.