Friday, April 27, 2012

But Wait...There's More

I love going to the Container Store or Ikea because I find all the stuff I never knew I needed, but suddenly can't live without. Not really. I just enjoy looking at the gadgets. But if you're watching television, it seems that every commercial is touting the latest, greatest widget that ever came down the pike. Then they show some  unbelievably inept actor demonstrating the old, clunky gadget versus the new and improved gadget.

Then, comes the line, "But wait, there's more." Not only will the spokesperson promise to double your order (just pay separate shipping and handling), but they will triple whatever you're buying. Far too often, the unsuspecting public is never told what shipping and handling costs. Sometimes I wonder if it's more than the original cost of whatever is being sold.

If that's not bad enough, we're bombarded with the latest drug dejeur. I'm sure some of these products are very useful, but then the announcer goes through a long list of possible side effects. Geeze! If the stuff doesn't kill you, it might even make you feel better, but the actor swears it changed his/her life.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Tornado alley

Today, tornado alley was a fitting name for north Texas. The last unofficial count I heard was 15. I'm sorry that people lost their homes...but thankful we were spared that. Once again I find myself wishing that we had a basement. I sent a text to my son to make sure they were okay, and he had decided to work from home today. Otherwise he would have been driving home in the worst of the rain, hail and wind. Thank God that all of this brought no deaths or serious injury. Just think how the dynamics would have been different if the tornados had hit after dark when more people would have been home.